Sabrina Burkhardt - Director of Chemical Development

Sabrina is a lignocellulosic chemist, directing SFT’s research and development of the Phoenix™ CoProduct stream for drop-in and higher value products. Prior to joining SFT, Sabrina managed the Pulping and Bleaching department at Econotech, where she worked with pulp and paper companies spread across North America, Europe and Asia on a variety of laboratory studies.


From her experience designing and directing R&D projects, Sabrina brings innovative ideas and well-rounded technical approaches to help transform concepts to commercial solutions. Sabrina holds a Master of Applied Science in Wood Chemistry from the University of British Columbia and a Paper Science and Engineering Bachelor's from the University of Washington.

Ed Draper - Manager of Projects

Ed is the Manager of Projects at SFT.  His role is to manage the tasks associated with new mill start ups, by coordinating with our engineering and equipment partners to ensure that projects are on schedule and on budget.


He is also leading projects that are improving packaging by being “right sized” and being more sustainable. His experience as a production manager at Sonoco Products gives him an operations perspective during the construction of new plants. 


As a six sigma and lean black belt, Ed has had to manage many projects and facilitate between numerous stakeholders to ensure that the projects were completed on time and under budget. His expertise and attention to detail make him a valuable asset to the team, and an ideal team player for company partners. 

Jeremy Nichols - Director of Operations, 

Dayton Facility

As Plant manager, Jeremy oversees employees, production and efficiency. His primary role is to make sure the plant is running smoothly, quickly, efficiently and safely. Prior to joining SFT, Jeremy worked as a Powertrain design engineer for Paccar at the Kenworth division, where he was responsible for the design and implementation of new powertrain components, as well as managing Kenworth and Peterbilt’s Driveline program.


During his undergraduate career, he worked in maintenance at Seneca Foods where he designed and fabricated equipment to improve the seed receiving process. He also was an engineering intern at NIATT where he worked on developing new engine technology for two-stroke engines.


Jeremy obtained his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Idaho. He brings significant mechanical engineering experience to the team that assists in oversight as well as efficiency in all aspects of operation, development, and maintenance of processing plants. 

Aaron Johnson - Project Liaison

Aaron's role within SFT is to maintain a productive working relationship between the management and it’s operators at the Dayton R&D facility run by the company. The dynamic nature of an R&D facility requires one to be flexible, patient, and transparent among the crews.


He's both highly motivated and has a strong work ethic. It will not take long for partners to feel confident in the fact that Aaron and his team of managers and operators will not only get the job done right but will get it done right the first time.


His skill set, along with the desirable attributes of the SFT operators and fellow management, make this a once in a lifetime team, ready to take a hands-on approach to any and all projects thrown their way.

Danica Helgath - Quality Control Supervisor

As Quality Control Supervisor at the SFT pilot mill, Danica performs all onsite testing of plant production. The data she collects is then used to help provide consistency in the work being done at the mill. 


In addition to facilitating a more consistent production, she manages co-product processing, manipulating the makeup to fit the need of each project that comes in, as well as procurement and shipping of samples out of the pilot mill in Dayton, Washington.


Her work is essential to further development of the Phoenix Process and helps to showcase the versatility of our technology. Through her work with quality control, Danica helps to assure clients that our process is effective and capable of tangible results. 

Jessica Lewis - Senior Process Engineer

Jessica is the Senior Process Engineer at SFT. She works closely with our Director of Chemical Development, Sabrina Burkhardt, on co-product development for the company.


Her work centers largely on completing literature reviews of products, mechanisms, processes, and markets for the various components of the co-product stream.


Jessica's past experience as a Chemical Engineer for S2G Biochemicals as well as her Masters degree in Chemical Engineering from Clarkson University gives her ample experience and a unique perspective to advance the technology used in SFT's Phoenix Process and maximize the resources used to create SFT-processed pulp.

John Roberts - Senior Process Engineer

John is a Senior Process Engineer at SFT. He received his degree in Bioresource Science and Engineering from the University of Washington.


After graduating, he spent the next five years working for WestRock at their paper mill in Tacoma, WA. He filled several roles there including Process Engineer, Assistant Quality Assurance Manager, Paper Mill Shift Supervisor and OCC Superintendent.


At SFT, John works alongside our Director of Engineering, Tyler Campbell on process design and project management. His work ensures successful implementation of the Phoenix Process across various pulp and paper facilities around the world. 

To learn more about the implementation and operation of non-wood pulping facilities, please visit our social media pages linked below, or visit our Contact Page to reach us directly.

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