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May 2019: SFT is proud to announce that we've been working with Essity on one of our biggest projects yet! Check out our official video here:

"To support our sustainability ambitions, we continuously assess new production methods.

This is one example of how innovation can contribute to a sustainable and circular society."

- Magnus Groth, Essity’s President and CEO

May 2019: Essity Invests in Sustainable Alternative Fiber Technology


Essity has signed an exclusive license agreement with US-based Sustainable Fiber Technologies (SFT). The global agreement will give Essity access to SFT’s Phoenix Process™, a technology that converts plant-based renewable sources to pulp suitable for manufacturing tissue products.


Tissue produced with wheat straw using this process is as bright, soft and strong as tissue produced from fresh wood pulp. Using wheat straw has significant sustainability benefits including a significant reduction in the use of water and energy.

May 2019: Phoenix Pulp & Polymer is hiring a Production Technician at our Dayton Facility!


The successful candidate must be a self-starting, open minded, hardworking individual that will contribute to our innovative company and think outside-of-the-box.


If you'd like to learn more about this exciting opportunity, please apply today! 

April 2019: Mike Wetzel joins Sustainable Fiber Technologies as our Total Quality Manager.

Welcome to the team, Mike! We are so excited to have you on board with us.

December 2018: New Pulp Plant will Invigorate Columbia County

The revolutionary plant in southeast Washington will process 240,000 tons of straw per year, taking what has historically been a waste product and turning it into pulp used to make paper and other products. The mill will employ as many as 90 people at the plant and an additional 20 at the company’s Dayton office.

If you'd like to learn more about how our Phoenix Process™ is making a difference at the new Columbia Pulp facility, click the link below!

November 2018: "Does the Kappa Number Method Accurately Reflect Lignin Content in Non-Wood Pulps?" via TAPPI Journal (Page 19)

Lignin analysis of unbleached pulps is essential in the modern pulp mill for estimating the degree of delignification that occurs during pulping and subsequently the charge of bleaching chemicals needed to bleach the pulp.

This November 2018 editorial of TAPPI Journal features our very own Director of Chemical Development, Sabrina Burkhardt! Be sure to read her article to learn more about our non-wood pulping research.

October 2018: "Is There a New Pulp Game in Town?" via Fisher International

Why consider SFT's new pulping process? This resultant pulp from wheat straw and other non-woody fibers will be as strong or stronger than virgin bleached hardwood pulp, competitively priced, and have an unequaled environmental story to tell prospective customers and consumers.

This independent article on SFT and our Phoenix Process was written by a world-leading pulp and paper consulting firm. Click the button below to read more!

June 2018: "Long-term Benefit of New Industry Outweighs Short-Term Sacrifice" via Union Bulletin

This is why tax incentive programs exist for rural areas: They bring us new industries, new investors, and new opportunities. They make new industries look at an area like Columbia County, recognize the value of locating in communities like ours, and create family wage jobs for our citizens.

June 2018: "Straw Pulp Looks like a Game Changer" via The Courier Herald

Traditionally, pulp comes from wood either grown specifically for paper making or as byproducts from sawmills. When fully operational, it will add 100 full-time jobs in Columbia County, which the Washington State Employment Security Dept., reports currently has roughly 4,000 citizens and 1,800 jobs.

May 2018: Brian Shea joins Sustainable Fiber Technologies as our President.

Welcome to the team, Brian! We are so excited to have you on board with us.

To learn more about Brian Shea, please check out our Facebook Post below: