In 2015, an innovative concept to create paper from leftover wheat stubble came to commercial fruition with the establishment of Sustainable Fiber Technologies (SFT). 

CEO and Founder Mark Lewis has spent his entire career in the pulp and paper industry.  His senior thesis at Colorado State University, in fact, addressed pulping corn stover. Mark created SFT to further develop the technology he had begun many years before. Since its start, SFT has refined and expanded the capabilities of its technology to pulp non-wood fibers, ranging in its use of agricultural residue in such things as wheat straw, sugar cane, miscanthus, arundo donax, and more. 

The company aids in the implementation of the environmentally friendly and sustainable Phoenix Process™ for pulping, as well as engineering and training help in the operation of such facilities. The Phoenix Process has been used in the production of sustainable packaging, molded products, tissue and toweling, printing and writing paper.

Expansion of such technology is always on the horizon with the capable and energetic team of engineers employed by SFT. 

The compostable, all-natural, gluten-free pulp and paper products that SFT is able to produce are sustainable in their purpose as well as the process.


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