• There is significantly more agricultural biomass available than wood biomass (3X’s more in North America)

  • A Columbia Pulp sized mill producing 400 tpd using wheat straw replaces over 300,000 tons per year of wood chips or between 40 & 50,000 trees per year (depending on tree size and specie)

  • The process used by the Phoenix Process is a milder technology resulting in a higher yield of fiber. It takes 1.54 tons of straw to produce a ton of pulp compared to almost 2 tons of wood fiber to produce a ton of pulp

  • Utilization of wheat straw results in 100,000 fewer farm acres burned (plus reduction in forest slash piles burned)

  • Economic impact on an agricultural community will result in 110 direct jobs and another 250-300 indirect jobs

  • Learn more about alternative pulp fibers derived from the Phoenix Process: 

North American Biomass Potential

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